Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Accuser Devil

Zebubs are weak for devils (CR 3), and poorly regarded among them—only lemures or another zebub will heed one’s summon.  But they make excellent spies, hound those with guilty consciences, and—bloated flies at heart—will do or say almost anything to avoid returning to the frozen layer of Cocytus.

Praxitarkus cannot replay the visions he shows with his infernal eye—but his victims don’t know that.  Currently he is freelance-blackmailing a chandler, a bailiff, two spice merchants, and an orphaned pickpocket into further acts of evil, while the wizard who first summoned him prepares his dismissal…on the point of a silver blade.

Citizen Jacques did not introduce the guillotine to Lorient-sur-Yon.  But the zebub’s serial insinuations and outright accusations have certainly maintained the crimson stain on its blade.

The thakore of Bopal has grown so corpulent he cannot move from his divan without aid.  An accuser devil servant is the prince’s invisible eyes and ears in the court—and feasts on the sahib’s blubbery folds while he sleeps.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 84

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  1. I was originally feeling bad for mixing up the accuser devil and the achaierai...until I realized Paizo did, too (at least in my printing of the Bestiary 2).