Friday, July 27, 2012

Horned Devil

Cornugons are the Hells’ elite soldiers and commanders.  Among other things, they are highly adept at delivering damage while shrugging it off themselves.  One might wonder, too, whether the spiked chains they wield are more than weapons, but also symbols of their servitude…

It’s cornugon-on-cornugon warfare as two malebranche praefects duel for power.  Now is the perfect time for a plucky band of adventurers to steal back the imprisoned soul of their loremaster friend.  But first, they might want to check out the reputation of the mercane who sold them the information…

Those looking for the samurai/duelist sifu Shax are in for a surprise: he’s a horned devil with a passion for collecting exotic weaponry and martial arts styles.  Those who are accepted as his students may study without fear for their souls—supposedly.  Even so, there are no guarantees until they pass the entrance exam, which has left many a hopeful dead from blood loss.

Every spiked chain forged in Fettersmythe has a spiritual link to one in the Inferno.   Over time, the wielders’ destinies mirror each others.

Pathfinder Bestiary 76

Is it Friday already?  Last Friday I got a box with Blood of Angels, the Rise of the Runelords anniversary hardcover and two(!) Adventure Paths (and I haven’t even finished the last one).  That’s in addition to having barely cracked the Advanced Race Guide.  I am so behind.  But between Spain, last weekend’s Artscape (featuring some people I know on the local stage), and Otakon (which is starting today and I’m not there thanks to work and other people’s vacations and more work and so very, very angry), I have no idea when I’ll catch up.

I will say this: I bought Rise of the Runelords because I’m a completist and to support Paizo—after all, I already have the original (phenomenal!) series.  But I’m really questioning some of the design choices that went into the book.  In particular, the background page texture is way too dark for easy reading.  It’s the kind of muddy work I normally expect from third-party publishers (I’m talking to you, Open Design/Zobeck folks!) and I’m stunned to see it here.  I can’t believe I’m saying this about a Paizo book, but Try Before You Buy.

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