Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hell Hound & Nessian Hell Hound

In theory, hell hounds are, like hellcats, proud outsiders who won’t submit to being treated like pets.  In practice, though, everybody uses hell hounds—fire giants, efreet, devils, evil spellcasters, fey lords, etc., etc.  (Heck, chaotic good water elementals probably even use hell hounds.)  So the question is, who is holding the leash?  And in the case of Nessian hell hounds, which power in Hell signed the adoption papers?

A wayang sorcerer named Ki Suyang Anan is always accompanied by two hell hounds.  He delights in their presence, particularly the fear the light of their burning breath inspires in his Shadow-touched countrymen.  As for the hell hounds themselves, Marxus sees his service as a way to escape a far worse placement under an infernal lord.  Meanwhile, Cinder has never tasted wayang before and looks forward to the day when Anan grows too familiar with her, so she can take offense and devour him.

A cloud giant seeks to enslave a fire giant clan in the name of his dark deity.  As proof of his right to do so, he displays his pack of Nessian hell hounds.  Even stranger, their barding is of dwarven, rather than infernal, make.  The fire giant thane needs someone to unravel this mystery—fast.

Elven dogs, more properly known as coin-sith or cooshee, serve fey and traditional elf houses.  They are limned in green fire and often have a greenish cast to their fur as well.  Treat them as hell hounds with the fey creature template and alignments that match their lords’.

Pathfinder Bestiary 173

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