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Hunters and mounts of Hell, hellcats (sometimes called bezekiras) aren’t quite devils, but it matters little.  If low- to mid-level PCs have made themselves a nuisance to some devil, they are almost guaranteed to face a hellcat enforcer in the near future.

Amblewroth likes to slowly drive his victims mad before pouncing.  A large male hellcat with a great smoky mane, he hunts during the day under complete invisibility, tormenting his victim with telepathic commentary on how frail she is, how delicious she will taste, and how no one will believe that she’s hearing voices.  If he has a weakness, it’s his love of waiting till dusk for the actual attack—finally showing off his glowing, leonine grandeur for maximum terror, but leaving himself more open to strikes in return.

Saberquick is a hellcat assassin famous among her kind for her a three-century stalk of an elven circle mage who failed to treat her with the proper respect.  This hunger for validation could be her downfall, however.  In the last decade, a belier devil has convinced her the only true path to advancement in the Hells is transformation into a full member of devilkind—the secret to which he will reveal if she finds him just a few more souls…

Hellcats look down on the weaker hell hounds and barghests as overloud, pathetic puppies.  They cannot afford to be so sanguine about greater barghests and Nessian hell hounds, and usually conspire to never be in the same vicinity as one (the inevitable fights for dominance being a costly distraction).  A gift of a barghest’s entrails might endear a mortal to a hellcat long enough to propose an alliance.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 153

Personally, I liked it when hellcats were listed with the true devils/baatezu—the fact that one of the links up the infernal career ladder could be spent as an invisible lion was amusing to me, even if it made no sense.

If they made a Hellcats musical, I would go see it.  I mean, Mr. Mistoffelees is clearly a play on Mephistopheles.  Griddlebone is a pretty infernal name.  Let’s see…Hellicle cats?  Mungoscary?  The Rum Tum Mugger?  Nimbleshank?  This could work… *Mental cash register noise*…

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