Monday, July 30, 2012

Horse & Pony

Horses and ponies are—oh hush.  I was at Otakon all weekend; my notion of what constitutes a pony may be a little skewed. 

Word is spreading like wildfire of a minstrel who has dubbed himself “Sir Seamus.”  The grippli bard is famous for being able to sing, play the lute, and accompany himself with bass croaks at the same time.  His shaggy pony, known as “The Táin,” is almost as famous—for its insatiable appetite for pears and for having killed a hobgoblin with one irritable hoof strike.

While technically horses, the swimming ponies of the White Channel Islands are a tough, hardy breed.  They migrate from island to island to avoid the predation of local merrows.  Some are rounded up each year by dwarves as well, as they are useful for pulling ore carts, though the local wild elf and halfling tribes keep a careful count of how many beasts are claimed.

The destriers of the principality of Rex are especially fierce fighters.  Many have the Firelord’s thumbprint, a red whorl on one shoulder or forehead. Such a fine horse is often the top prize at a Rexian jousting tournament.

Pathfinder Bestiary 177

Obviously, no radio show this week.  Also, if you didn’t already click above, more Otakon courtesy of my ex-roommate and his pals at the Sun here.

Sir Seamus is not the only one who can accompany himself, though I’d peg Rahzel as a jann (amazing breath control, flows like water, built like stone, blows up a room).  (Plus, y’know, there’s “Four Elements.”)

Also, I am not going to give my Eagle badge back—I worked too hard for it, and got it so late I never got to wear it on my uniform.  But the Tumblr for those who are is here.

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