Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hound Archon

As loyal as the dogs whose faces they bear, hound archons are sentinels and guards.  Like dogs, they can be as gentle as a retriever or sheepdog…or as vicious as a pit fighter.  On the whole, though, their willingness to fight to disarm (rather than to maim or kill) and their willingness to hide in the form of humble strays speaks to a humbleness other celestials in the goodly planes might do well to emulate.

Though human-looking, a tiefling foundling has the blood of a pit fiend and a rakshasa in his veins.  A solar oracle has foreseen the boy doing mighty deeds, but their nature is unclear. In order to turn his heart to mercy, a hound archon has followed the boy in the shape of a lame cur, using his mortal form to gently inspire the boy’s kinder and more protective impulses.

Bascomb the True is said to be able to track an evildoer by scent across even the Astral.  He faces a hard choice when the scent of the young druid he has been tasked to protect goes one way, and that of his nemesis, a strange hive-mind-led yeth hound pack, goes another.

The foppish Lafont is known for tailored heavensilk shirts, tight breeches, and womanizing (or at least the appearance of it) to a degree most archons find shocking.  But he also has the reflexes and disarming abilities of a duelist or monk, and despite his carousing, he is able to keep his partner-in-hijinks, the bralani √Čleveth, in check.  If it’s all an act, though, it’s quite a good one.

Pathfinder Bestiary 19

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