Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frost Drake

White dragons may be the weakest true dragons, but their blue-scaled cousins are among the stronger drakes.  This is compounded by their snow vision and icewalking abilities.  In many cold-themed adventures, the environment is as much of a hazard to PCs as the monsters are, and frost drakes are at their best just when PCs are most vulnerable.

Frost drakes are the top predators in the Crystal Mountains.  They snack indiscriminately on roe deer, snow sprites, and ice mephits, but are eager for the flesh of humanoids when they can get it.

A subspecies of frost drake native to the great frozen lake of Aldinfrost have adapted to the environment there, growing curved claws they use to skate over the glassy lake surface.  Using their wings as sails, they can attack prey as fast on land as they can while flying, using their Flyby Attack and speed surges to make wickedly fast turns.

A woman killed by a mated pair of frost drakes rises as a yuki-onna.  Her inability to take revenge upon them—they are immune to her chilling touch—only makes her more determined to hurt every other creature that enters her domain.  The drakes themselves benefit, as the supernatural snowstorm that surrounds the yuki-onna renders their prey more vulnerable.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 108

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