Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foo Creature, Dog & Lion

Heavenly spirits sent to the mortal world from the same realm as the agathions, foo creatures make excellent companions to good-hearted adventurers.  Of course, even good-hearted adventurers have a bad habit of breaking into temples and palaces that foo creatures are sworn to protect.

Foo dogs are an import to the Dreaming Desert.  But they have grown to love the harsh land and its people, especially those on walkabout, and will not see either harmed.  Some of them can even freeze into dog-shaped petroglyphs rather than statues, in honor of the aborigines’ art.

The Emperor of Brass has been usurped and his archrival sits on his throne.  Yet the foo lions that guard the palace have not rejected the usurper, as they have other claimants in the past.  Only the court oracle is brave enough to ask: Are they endorsing the upstart’s claim, or are they being magically compelled?

In the lowlands of the southern continent, a series of imperial foo leopards have guarded the noble kingdom of Etios for generations.  Their influence, paired with the Etiosian’s own fierce intellects, have protected Etios from its baleful neighbors, especially the Riddling Kingdom to the west.  The sphinxes of that land hunger for slaves and worship, but are reluctant to match wits against what they see as fellow divine feline rivals.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 120–121

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