Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fire Elemental

Fire elementals are the most boring inhabitants —spoiler alert: they like to burn things—of the most boring Elemental Plane—spoiler alert: it sucks, everything’s on fire except the efreet, and they hate you.  But if Bruce Heard’s classic AC11 The Book of Wondrous Inventions teaches us anything, it’s that fire elementals don’t have to be interesting—the giant steam-powered war machine they’re magically bound to stoke the boiler for has “interesting” pretty much covered.

A revolution in steam heating and plumbing comes to Templeton, with all the high class manor homes having new baths, washers, and radiators installed to take advantage of the Professor Flammel’s Elemental Dynamic System & Boiler.  Then the bindings on the hurriedly bound fire elementals begin to collapse.  Oh, and the fire brigade is composed entirely of half-orcs, currently on strike…

Many fire elementals exhibit serpentine forms.  A summoner/wizard (and noted dilettante) has taken to summoning fire elementals to study and mold his eidolon after.  Using artifacts from a lucky tomb raid to harness creatures above his ability level, he soon begins summoning creatures past his ability to control.

In one realm of existence, the Planes of Air and Fire exist in opposition.  Envoys from the elemental queens meet once a decade on a blasted otherworldly prairie, to hold strange formal talks that appear to take place entirely through dance.  A party of adventurers is sent to capture and bottle the strange superheated energies released during the meeting.  But doing so will almost certainly enrage both parties…

Pathfinder Bestiary 124–125

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