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Denizens of the Plane of Shadow, fetchlings are hard to hit and even harder to get to know.  They can be found throughout the multiverse wherever there are shady deals (figuratively and literally) to be made.  While not evil, being descended from humans trapped on the Plane of Shadow has left its mark on the kayal, and not just in terms of their abilities.  Some might be desperate for a sense of place, desperate to never stay in one place, envious of the Material Plane, or even downright paranoid—but all are stained in some way.

In response to the trauma of being trapped for generations on the Plane of Shadow—a plane that at once mimics the Material Plane and distorts those echoes—many fetchling communities adopted philosophical schools, almost like guilds, to guide their actions.  Even now that fetchlings have regained planar travel, many of these schools still have influence.  The Methodists—their name came from a treatise called On the Methods of Architecture carried to the plane by their founder—seek to recreate specific Material World communities and constructions as faithfully as possible.  Far from being the monks their name implies, the Reflectives, or Mirror Men, form societies that are polar opposite of the ones their ancestors knew—rejecting matriarchies for patriarchies, devil worship for azata veneration, enchantment for necromancy, or asceticism for hedonism.  The Sparks are wizards specializing in light-altering Illusion and Evocation spells.  Then there are the Extinguishers, who seek to snuff out the lives of anyone from the Material Plane they meet.

Not all fetchlings are traders or middleman.  Fetchling barbarians roam the Deep Shadow, wielding wicked handaxes and leading shadow mastiffs.

A fetchling seeks to track down his shae mother, but has only her mask to remember her by.  His guild, which up till now has always supported him, is suddenly very anxious to see that he dies before succeeding.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 123

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