Friday, February 3, 2012

Fey Creature

Neither the world of Faerie nor Paizo’s First World can be described by the Fey monster list alone.  The fey creature template makes almost every monster fair game for bringing faeries and fairy tales life.  (Plus, the fey do like their dalliances.)

In the hands of a leprechaun, a wand of enlarge person becomes something else entirely, causing fey giant toads to overrun the landscape.

The fey centaurs of Faerie are even more suspicious of humans than their mortal cousins.  Thanks to their change shape ability, they spend most of their time in horse form.  If accosted, they fly off in a brilliant flash of impossibly large butterfly wings…or fight back with poison-tipped spears.

Most fey creatures are more capricious than their mortal cousins—sometimes to the point of sadism.  But the fey kobolds’ temperaments are actually an improvement.  Relieved of the constant struggle for survival thanks to their fey natures and their ability to vanish, fey kobolds instead keep to themselves, mining by candlelight in the same manner as pechs.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 116–117

Yes, Brian Froud’s Faeries is awesome.  Yes, I have based these kobolds on his.  Frankly I hate 3.0’s draconic kobolds—I miss the doglike kobolds of Mystara.

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