Friday, February 24, 2012


Half nymph.  Half fey.  Forlarrens are the tragic example of what happens when unearthly beauty and unearthly evil meet—and mate.  Their lithe hairless forms manage to somehow be entrancing and revolting at the same time, and they serve as a murderous bridge between worlds that characters are all too likely to need to visit.

Rejected by both fey and fiends, Darach Nymphson now serves them both—and anyone else—as a moneychanger in the Hag Market the lurks between the worlds.  He is renowned for his ability to fairly convert currencies of obscure value—smuggler souls for treant boughs, for instance.  Behind his back, people call him “Goatfoot.”  He does not seem to be aware that this is the case, but those who do inevitably find he charges higher rates for his services.  Anyone saying it to his face would find out that he also trades in cold iron and flame spheres.

The Gorse Queen has a forlarren in her court, the result of a dalliance between her maid and a barbed devil (the maid did not survive the birth).  She cannot kill him for fear of offending his father.  Instead, she has channeled his murderous rages by allowing him to train as an assassin, specializing in the killing of human spellcasters.

A forlarren who suffers exceptional bouts of remorse has found an antidote: the confessional booth.  Now when he murders, he then flees to seek penance for his evil deeds, only to lash out again.  Bound by a vow of silence, the horrified priest is desperate to end the killing spree, and seeks to alert authorities within the confines of his sacred oath.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 125

We last saw the Gorse Queen in the Brownie entry.  Wow, that was a long time ago…

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