Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baboon & Monkey Swarm

One monkey is cute; more are a menace.  And if apes are nature with a human face, baboons are that face in war paint.

As part of an annual rite, a baboon sacred to the Waruwei tribe must cross the veldt to reach a holy spring.  This year, a demon lord has sent a wereleopard to ensure the baboon never arrives.

By day, the temple of the fertility goddess Punjarat is a bustling marketplace, meeting spot, and shrine.  But the teeming crowds vanish one hour before sunset, to be replaced at night by another crowd entirely—swarms of ravenous, red-eyed monkeys that pour from hollows up and down the temple’s face.

A band of refugees is fleeing the war chariots sent by the Padishah of Mekt.  They will be mown down if caught in the open, but if they can lure the charioteers into the Valley of the Monkeys, they will be safe.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 212

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