Friday, July 8, 2011


One part animate boulder.  Two parts murderous fungus.  Store in a cool, wet place.

The city of Perrenwald is a banking center.  Much of the goods passed back and forth comes in the form of writs or deeds, and the stone constructs employed by the counting houses as couriers make for difficult marks.  Instead of targeting chests of coins, the Gray Blade thieves’ guild targets their owners, specializing in abduction, extortion, and information gathering.  If a deal goes bad, the Gray Blade disposes its victims in chambers beneath the guild house, where ascomoid spores make short work of the body, eliminating any raise or speak with dead attempts.  Guild apprentices do the disposing, and full-grown ascomoids sometimes make short work of the slow and unlucky.

A dark creeper hideout has been overrun with ascomoids.  They seek a druid to clear the fungi out.  Asking for assistance is a difficult concept for the dark fault, which they mistake as simply being a synonym for “abduct.”

A gnomish bard seeks the tales of his svirfneblin cousins.  His luck runs out when a rockfall turns out to have been caused by tumbling ascomoids.

Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary 6

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  1. Did I just write 190 words about a bouncing fungus? Apparently, I did.