Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Astral Deva

Messengers of the gods, astral devas are likely to be encountered while on their heavenly errands—or even when they arrive to witness to the PCs themselves.  Language and truth personified, they overcome obstacles on their routes with words if they can, and with blade barriers and +2 disrupting warhammers if they cannot.

How responsible is a messenger for the message he carries?  Since Malim accepted a post as envoy from the god of merchants to the god of shipwrecks and sailors, he has grown weak, tired, and irritable. Most recently, his wings have started to smoke.  He does not know the contents of the epistles, and would not stoop to intercepting them—scared as he is, to do so would render him Fallen or even unravel the very fabric of his being.  But that does not mean he cannot hire agents to find out what his messages portend through other means.

Prophecies regarding a party of adventurers are written on an astral deva’s scrolls.  He is of no mind to let anyone read them, however.

Some astral devas serve no deities.  Instead they serve words themselves, becoming protectors and manipulators of some private Ursprache.  Many reveal talents similar to mortal wordcasters, combining strange holy syllables in effortless, reality-transforming combinations.

Pathfinder Bestiary 10

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