Monday, July 25, 2011


Axiomites are living equations given flesh.  Shaped like ordinary humanoids but glimmering with figures and symbols, they bring the Law personality that inevitables and formians lack.

The answer to thwarting the demigod of executioners lies in his creation.  An axiomite smith was witness to the act, but must be convinced to speak against a lawful evil deity.

An embattled team of axiomites summons a zelekhut to stave off a protean attack.  However, their unhealed wounds infect their corporeal equations with chaos, marring the attempt.  The faulty inevitable that arrives goes on a rampage, slaying all it encounters for even the most trivial offences.

An expansion to the axiomite city of Syllogines intrudes into the mortal plane.  The residents of Whitesun must contend with the new district in their midst or persuade the axiomites they lack the jurisdiction to settle.

The Great Beyond XX & Pathfinder Bestiary 2 36

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  1. I am very tired of the way Microsoft Word and Blogspot fight whenever I try to cut & paste my posts from the former to the latter. I will attempt fixing later, but once a post goes bad, it tends to stay bad.

    Also props to The Great Beyond's writers (especially Todd Stewart, I'm assuming) for making a lawful outsider race that feels fresh. And double props to Sarah Stone's art for making axiomites compelling from the very first glance.