Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The first demon in our alphabetical tour through Pathfinder, babaus are acidic slime-covered, longspear-wielding murderers—created, appropriately enough, from the souls of murderers.  They are often referred to as assassins, but make no mistake: babaus are not the bloodless contract killers of the Hells, but beasts who revel in personal, intimate murders of spite, revenge, envy, and sadistic impulse.

Members of a death cult smear themselves with lard, animal blood, and the gore of their victims, emulating their babau patron who leads them from his hiding place in the stockyards.

A frustrated assassins’ guild has exhausted its resources trying to take down a wily babau whose killing spree is ruining the collective’s carefully cultivated reputation.

After being disowned for murdering the scullery maid who bore his child, Reginold Craight swore to kill his family one by one for choosing honor over him.  He made it most of the way through two generations of Craight men before being caught and executed.  After tormenting his soul a half-century, the Abyss molded him into a babau.  The new creature has no memory of its former life, but still compulsively studies the Craight homestead in preparation for its debut on the mortal plane.

Pathfinder Bestiary 57

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