Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In 3.5, daemons (a.k.a. yugoloths) were mercenary fiends with no regard for Law or Chaos—ruthless self-interested personified.  In Pathfinder, their only interest is in obliteration—of mortals, of life, of existence.  Astradaemons are among the very worst specimens, for their targets are not living creatures but the great migration of souls itself.

A platoon of shield archons and leonals has formed to defend the River of Souls from astradaemon raiding parties.  Exasperated by the too-straightforward nature of his companions, a vulpinal seeks more thoughtful, even devious adventurers as scouts and commandos.

A recalcitrant leukodaemon is slated to be molded into an astradaemon.  Determined to avoid this blind, eel-faced fate, the plague-spreading wretch has been plane-hopping desperately through the moral realms, a pack of astradaemons hot on his heels.

The night markets and soul auctions of the night hags are legendary throughout the universe.  But when an astradaemon sets up a stall and begins trading in Grand Dame Viperroot’s market, speculation flies.  Of course the astradaemon will show its true colors—but when?  What is its endgame?  And how much profit can everyone else make in the meantime?

The Great Beyond 54–55 & Pathfinder Bestiary 2 63

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