Friday, November 9, 2012


Locathahs haven’t played the large part in gaming that aquatic elves, sahuagin, and TSR/WotC’s kuo-toa have.  But with merfolk and aquatic elves being so aloof and tritons so rare, locathahs are still about the only friendly fishy faces in some very unfriendly waters.

Of course, any race with a history of being enslaved is a race that can be forced to fight PCs.  And a lot of the same comments from yesterday’s lizardfolk entry apply here—locathahs are ripe for tweaking into subraces, trying out primitive or exotic weapon rules, playing with mounts and animal guardians, etc.

Years after a fortunate accident (a broken cart wheel, a spilled load of sweet potatoes, a cliff face), tenant farmer Jasem Gest has brought his crops not to the market, but to tuber-craving locathah traders.  His luck has not gone unnoticed by his landlord, who wants a share of his tenant’s surprise fortune, and some osprey-bodied fisher harpies.  Jasem barely escaped with his life, but the harpy spellcasters have charmed both his landlord and several of his locathah friends as paramours and guards.  He seeks adventurers to drive off the harpies without killing the fish-men (or even his landlord) before the captivated slaves get devoured.

The seaside town of Aggripus has always had close ties to their locathah neighbors—their centurions’ armor and hooked polearms even resemble locathah fins and spines.  But when new zebra-striped locathahs begin arriving on the docks brandishing poisoned weapons, it looks like conflict is imminent.

The captains of Newport rely on locathahs to guide them through adaro-plagued waters.  But when devilfish enslave the locathahs, sailors must face both the shark-men and their former locathah friends.  The Newport Mages’ Guild could arm experienced adventurers with the magic they would need to free the locathahs from bondage…but having invested heavily in three almost-completed sky galleons, the wizards see no reason to concern themselves with what goes on below the waves.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 179

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