Thursday, June 7, 2012

Green Hag

Of all the hags, green hags offer the most variety in terms of plots.  There are many reasons for this: They live closer to their victims and intrude in their affairs.  They are more likely to hide their identities and take human lovers.  They are more likely to spawn changeling (Pathfinder Adventure Path 43) offspring or create manikins such as leshys or soulbound dolls.  They often team up with ogre or giant thralls.  And they are the most likely to form covens.

For players new to fantasy, the discovery that hags gain more power when they form a coven is novel in and of itself.  But if your players have fought hags before—or if they’re big folklore buffs—feel free to explore the coven aspect further.  You might play up the maiden/mother/crone roles (see the annis hag entry for an idea in this vein), explore vile (from Monte Cook’s 3.0 Book of Vile Darkness) or sin magic (from the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path), or invite other species to join the trio.  As long as at least one hag is present, nagas, powerful fey, select oni, and witches of any race may have the necessary malevolence and chthonic female energy needed to complete the circle.

Raven is said to have once plucked the sun out of the sky.  Two green hags and a tengu witch emulate the act, plucking out the eyes of a lurker in light in order to gain more power over light and darkness.

When a changeling refuses the dark call of her mother, the green hag strikes back—in court, suing for custody.  She uses mimicry and disguise self at first, but even if exposed will pursue her practically airtight case in full view of the horrified town.

A green hag has been a thorn in the side of adventuring friends since before they slew their first goblin.  Now powerful enough to retaliate, they find their own community stands in their way.  The green hag is part of a coven that has offered dark aid to the surrounding countryside for generations, trading spells like control weather, speak with dead, commune, and even reincarnate for silence, loyalty, and protection.

Pathfinder Bestiary 167

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As mentioned before, Classic Horrors Revisited is worth a look if you want to customize your green hag covens a bit more.

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