Friday, October 26, 2012


Lion-headed agathions (guardinals to you 3.5 fans).  So…a race of Aslans, basically.

As with most neutral good creatures, PCs are more likely to ally with a leonal than fight one—you really have to work to get on a leonal’s bad side.  (But I’m sure your players are up to it…)

After years of fighting evil on distant planar outposts, a leonal was sent as a messenger to the fabled land of pyramids, Mekhtar.  However, she was unaware of the reverence the nation’s people hold for their animal-headed deities.  Her celestial message was ignored as she was hailed as a goddess by all who meet her—including the pharaoh, who installed her as a princess in her own right ruling over the distant southern third of his kingdom.  Now she has grown used to both the mantle of power and the luxury that comes with it, and it may take more than persuasion to return her to Elysium.

Years of fighting vrocks and other minions of Pazuzu has made a leonal suspicious of avian creatures.  When a garuda settles in its territory under the cover of alter self, the leonal assumes the worst despite the creature’s apparent good intentions.

Summoned to a dragonmoot to give an account of themselves after having slain an evil (but prominent and well-connected) dragon, a group of adventures is shocked to find that their advocate is not another dragon at all, but a young Draconic-speaking leonal.  Another older leonal acts as the moot’s chairman and judge.  Even stranger, the judge does not seem well disposed toward the adventurers, and the dragons most pleased with their actions seem to be the chromatics.  Clearly, there is more to their last adventure than they realized.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 20

Apparently, Mekhtar is my go-to place for all things Egypt.

Speaking of Aslan, if you liked the Narnia books as a child, I highly recommend you do not reread them.  Many books suffer from reëxamination with adult eyes, but the Narnia books positively wilt.

Finally, bear with me if I’m slow to reply to mail or take some days off in the next two weeks.  Between the looming Frankenstorm, a definite trip to New England, and a possible trip to Canada, my Internet access and time are question marks at the moment.  (And if I am tardy posting, there’s always the archive…)

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