Monday, October 22, 2012

Leaf Leshy

The most martial of leshys—by inclination, if not by CR—leaf leshys are most likely to encounter PCs who stumble into their orchards…or who interrupt their war games.

The Whitehart Forest has large concentrations of leaf leshys and atomies, and the various bands and groves drill and duel almost daily, delighting in elaborate war games that span vast acres.  They assume any interlopers are part of the exercise and use nonlethal methods to drive them away or take them down…but if responded to with real violence, they will offer it in turn.  The combination of deafening seedpods followed by invisible atomie sneak attacks is particularly effective.

After seeing adventurers going about their morning exercises, a group of orange grove leaf leshys approaches and begin pantomiming and gabbling to them in Druidic and Sylvan.  If the adventurers (whether through speech or signs) agree to teach them a new fighting style (any martial feat besides Weapon Finesse), they will offer their thanks with a necklace of opals—which, should they attempt to sell it, offers a lie to the local baron’s tale that his foster daughter is away studying at a monastery.

A psychotic leaf leshy’s “greatsword” is actually an intelligent +1 wounding dagger that craves at least 1 hp of blood every day.  Incensed at being owned by a bloodless plant, the dagger drives the leshy to attack any humanoid it sees in the hopes of finding a victim or a better owner.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 179

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