Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Legion Archon

With metal wings and flaming weapons, legion archons are the rank and file of the various Heavens’ armies.  When PCs encounter these celestials, it’s a good bet they’ve wandered too close to the front lines of one spiritual war or another.

Adventurers find themselves stranded on the same layer of the Abyss as a lost legion archon recently separated from his squad.  This particular layer is a place of illusion and deception, and the archon sees them as demons until the veil is pierced.

The emperor has grown so powerful even the forces of Heaven send envoys to his court.  When an assassination attempt occurs right in front of them, the unarmed black-skinned archons suddenly manifest flaming greatswords and metal wings.  Agroup of adventurers is falsely accused by the aasimar guards, and detect evil cannot detect guilt.  Will the archons believe the adventurers’ protestations of innocence—and possibly even recruit their aid—or deliver fiery judgment?

A lillend’s song holds the key to opening a magical door.  But to earn this boon from her, an adventuring party must aid her bralani kin as they fight bearded devils.  This puts them on the wrong side of a squad of legion archons.  The lawful outsiders reluctantly share custody of a fortress overlooking a titan’s grave, and the bearded devils’ zebub handler demands the archons do something about the azata/mortal incursion.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 19

Still sick.  But went to work.  Which is the worst kind of sick, really.

What’s that?  What about the leech swarm?  I give you soldiers from Heaven, and you ask about leech swarms?!? 

Er, I mean, we did those already.

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