Monday, April 9, 2012

Giant Leech & Leech Swarm

Time for your players to whip out their Humphrey Bogart impersonations.

All the clerical magic in the world isn’t enough to tend to every wound.  So most peasants make do with folk remedies, hedge wizardry, and visits from itinerant doctors who range in skill from gifted healers to bloody-minded madmen.  One of these, the mass-murdering Obalt the Vivisectionist, hurls a jar full of leeches when cornered.  The jar breaks and the leech swarm attempts to exsanguinate all in the vicinity. 

A party of adventurers startles some bathing hadrosaurs.  As they flee the shoreline, dark blobs drop off their flanks and ooze toward the party.  These giant leeches had attached to the duckbills, but now seek mammalian blood.

A crafty mandragora seeks to lead a party through leech-infested waters.  After all, the plant creature has no blood to lose.

Pathfinder Bestiary 187

A word of praise is due here for Golarion’s bloatmages, an absolutely inspired creation that make leeches even creepier than usual.

Also, no radio show this week, but I'll try to get a mix thrown together in the next few days.

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