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We’ve already covered eremite and interlocutor kytons (and we’ll tackle augurs when we swing back around the alphabet).  Which leaves the evangelist kytons—the only kytons most mortals ever encounter.

In most published adventures I’ve seen, kytons seem to be summoned obstacles or spontaneously attracted to sites of torture—both very appropriate roles.  But now that the Bestiary 3 has revealed more of their society, I’d be interested to see their bailiwick of evangelism played up…

Derro abductions are on the rise, drawing a party of adventurers below the earth.  Instead of going into the Deep Realms, however, they find themselves in a pocket of the Plane of Shadow, beset by cloakers and shadow-corrupted pixies.  Eventually they discover a kyton has taken over leadership of the derro clan, and her insatiable demand for test subjects spurred their reckless rate of kidnappings.

There is a religious revival going on in the county of Nestor.  White-ruffed Traditionalists and Purifiers bedecked in torn frock coats are common sights, and even snake handling and self-flagellation has come back into vogue.  In such an environment, Brother Bertrem’s Church of the Unchained Spirit raises few eyebrows.  In the tent chapel, the kyton “Bertrem” and his human and tiefling sorcerer assistants alternately charm and terrify parishioners into following their Gospel of Pain.  Speaking as his victims’ dead loved ones, the kyton offers a choice between salvation and absolution that is compelling indeed.

Fiend worship was the order of the day in the Grand Duchy of Geryonna for almost 300 years; diabolism was the state religion, and even the dissidents were demon worshippers.  When the paladin-led armies of the Hand of Order conquered Geryonna, they decreed, “No devil, demon, nor daemon shall be venerated on pain of death.”  But old habits die hard, and the law said nothing about kytons.  In the past two decades, it has become a fashion among the noble families to summon an evangelist kyton to serve as the family’s confessor, spiritual guide, and link to the Beyond.  Worse yet, the paladins can do nothing to stop them—the nobles have broken no laws, and their lawful neutral patron Tollivar, Lord of Order, apparently does not frown upon kytons.  (In fact, it is rumored by some schismatics that, in his stern aspect as the Gaoler’s Friend, the deity keeps a select few kytons in his service.)

Pathfinder Bestiary 185

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