Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tyrant Jelly

Giant bee royal jelly is special.  In a hive, it’s what produces a new queen.  When harvested by adventurers, it can aid in healing wounds and curing disease.  And when an ochre jelly devours a larval queen made fat on royal jelly—presumably a rare, perhaps once-in-a-century occurrence—the result is an equally rare monster: the mythic tyrant jelly.

Nobody expects an ooze to be mythic or intelligent, and that works to your advantage with this monster.  After adventurers fight a hive of too-deadly, too-well-organized bees, they’ll be looking for some malicious druid or thriae to blame, completely overlooking the honey-colored slime that oozes maliciously from the very walls…

A tyrant jelly has used giant ant servitors to turn the entrance to one of the nation’s most famous dungeons into a maze of dead ends and pits.  It also regularly calves off blobby pieces of itself via the dungeon’s electricity-warded door, and uses its control over the resulting ochre jellies to set up grisly ambushes for would-be relic hunters.

Fleeing a camarilla of sadistic thriae seers, a company of thriae soldiers stole away with a recently hatched larval queen.  Their hopes to found a new colony were dashed when an ochre jelly gobbled up their future liege.  Now the poor humiliated thriae feel helpless to do anything but tend to the needs of the mythic tyrant jelly, in hopes that the young queen may still be somewhere inside that vile muck.

After an ochre jelly engulfed the egg capsule laid by a fiendish deadly mantis, the result was a tyrant jelly ruled by a legion of wills, rather than a single mind.  This mad tyrant jelly calls all manner of mantises, wasps, and centipedes to itself, sending them off on strange, even competing errands as the minds inside the egg capsule vie for control of the mythic blob.

Pathfinder Bestiary 4 266

And with that entry…we’ve made it all the way through Bestiary 4!!!

Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since we tackled the udaeus.  It seems like the time went a lot quicker—probably because now that we’re on our second trip through the alphabet I don’t have to juggle four Bestiary hardcovers at once anymore!

Savvy readers will notice that I didn’t say we’ve finished the book…because we haven’t.  There are just over a dozen Bestiary 4 monsters I had to postpone tackling for one reason or another, including some PC races like the changeling and some heavy-hitters like Dagon.  But we’ll get to them, never fear.  In fact, as of tonight the marrowstone golem’s entry is up, and we tackled the coral golem just the other day as well.  So give those entries some likes/comments/reblogs, keep an eye out for me slipping some B4 baddies into the feed from time to time, and get ready for two solid months of Occult Bestiary monsters on the way!

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