Monday, December 23, 2013


What if the little stick manikins from The Blair Witch Project came alive?  What if they had really bad attitudes?  So bad in fact, that not even most other fey could stand them?  And what if they could dimension door through brambles and explode like a thorn grenade?  Won’t that be awful?

Twigjacks are those guys.

All fey tend to represent some aspect of nature, though, and twigjacks are that part that resists expansion, settlement, and otherwise being tamed.  Lone campers (and even adventuring parties) may not be harmed—it is the caravans, the wagon trains, the road crews, carpenters, and masons who suffer most from a twigjack’s malicious attentions. 

Construction on Fever Road claims more lives every day.  The mosquitoes and snakes were bad enough.  But the twigjacks are the real menace: piercing waterskins, firing splinters at workers from hiding, and even sending a hodag through camp.  The fey must be placated or driven off before work can continue.  Meanwhile, refugees and a dragon are hot on the road crew’s heels…

Kovalak is a bugbear who torments isolated farmsteads up and down Chimney Ridge.  He has bullied a gang of twigjacks into assisting him.  (Crushing one of them in a meaty paw while shrugging off its splinterspray was enough to convince the others.)  His modus operandi is to spy on the family for one night, haunt them the next, and then have the twigjacks attack the following day so that they dare not go for help.  On the third evening, Kovalak feasts on fear-marinated flesh.

Camberton hasn’t been a frontier town in years, and most of the region’s twigjacks fled or withered away.  Those that survived grew up still more twisted, their misanthropy warping into a kind of xenophobia.  They lurk in hedgerows and in the weeds of poorer neighborhoods, attacking obvious immigrants and inflaming racial tensions.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 274

Twigjack’s are not to be confused with 3.0’s Monster Manual II’s twig blights.  Nor should they be confused with…with…mumblemumblemumble

…Are you still here?  The entry’s over. 

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Okay, fine!!!  They shouldn’t be confused with some kind of fey from Dragon Magazine that turned children into bushes and then ate them, but I can’t remember its name and I just spent 45 minutes looking through back issues and still couldn’t find it and I think I’m going crazy.

So…yeah.  Twigjacks aren’t those either.

Also, hooray for 600 followers!  Reader sanguinitywins, I think the honor goes to you.


  1. That rogue apostrophe typo is going to drive me nuts, but Blogger still refuses to let me fix it without ruining the post.

  2. I believe you're thinking of the Splinterwaif.