Monday, November 25, 2013

Thriae Seer

The queen is the heart of thriae society, but most outsiders will be more concerned with the thriae seers.  Their fortunetelling both serves the hive in and of itself and is a source income for the colony as well.  Of course, the thriae would call the offerings they receive tribute, not payment…and many supplicants are probably happy to make such offerings, because when else are they likely to be in the presence of a being (let alone a triad) with Charisma 27?  (You expect that kind of number in a being like the CR 18 queen, but for the CR 11 thriae seers it’s just staggering.  Not surprisingly, many take levels in sorcerer or oracle.)

Most thriae seers will serve as potential advisors to PCs.  But, as with all thriae, the needs of the hive come first, which may put them in conflict with PCs when the situation warrants it.

Also, one last thought that didn’t make it into the adventure seeds below: While I know that the Bestiary 3’s reference to “outsiders” means those from outside the hive, I like to also imagine it meaning capital-O Outsiders—that thriae seers are so good even planar beings consult them for their wisdom…

While invading a fortified castle, adventurers come across the source of their nemesis’s constant good fortune: a triad of thriae seers.  Having fled their hive for reasons of their own, they are terrified of being discovered and returned to their queen, so they immediately attack, offering no quarter.

Thriae seers offer a dire warning: Those terrifying expansionists, the formians, are coming.  What they do not add is this: Their queen has brokered a deal with the ant-like planet hoppers.  The seers deliver their prophecy truthfully; then, their lawful contract having expired, they act to neutralize the governors who came to them for aid.

After a mysterious hive die-off, thriae seers are desperate to recruit humanoid diviners and loremasters to round out their numbers, as well as find a consort for their ailing queen.  They do not have time to persuade potential candidates to join them, instead sending teams of monks, rogues, and sorcerers to abduct the individuals they need.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 266

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