Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanatotic Titan

Pretty much all the titans are guilty of one kind of rebellion or another, but thanatotic titans seem to be the most guilty—the rabble-rousers, the instigators, the masterminds, the leaders…and the ones who fell the farthest.  Even now, trapped in the Abyss, they remain unrepentant, guilty of both conceiving the demodand and gigas races and of continually plotting and scheming against the gods, the free Elysian titans, and mortals alike.

At CR 22, a thanatotic titan makes a good climactic encounter—the puppet master behind all the trouble the PCs have encountered so far.  These titans are also great dark horse villains and spoilers for high-level campaigns—powerful beings who come out of left field to make a dire situation even worse just before the final reel. Or they might be truly unlikely (and very temporary) allies, giving PCs a crucial bit of aid against a demon lord or evil god…but only because they are furthering their own even darker agendas…

Demon hunters find themselves diverted into an unrecorded layer of the Abyss.  The few desultory encounters with demodands they face are a relief from the usual onslaught of demons.  Finally they reach a strange windowless and doorless keep.  Inside is a thanatotic titan intent on using them in one of two ways.  Either the adventurers will fight the titan’s nascent demon lord rival, or take the titan’s place on his Abyssal throne so that he may roam free.

It’s a race against time to stop a thanatotic titan.  The Colossal outsider seeks to rouse out of slumber the resentful representatives of past ages: a powerful veiled master, a dinosaur animal lord, a fomorian titan, even a jabberwock.  A group of adventurers must meet and ally with or destroy these primordial beings before the titan can rally them to his side.

The most famous dungeon in Ileria isn’t a dungeon at all: it’s a prison.  Intent on unlocking its many secrets, a party of adventurers realizes that the last few levels aren’t about keeping treasure hunters like themselves out; they are keeping something else in.  If they persist, the party releases a thanatotic titan…and earns the ire of the Panoply of Archons to boot.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 267

I’m back from vacation!  (Obviously.)  If you’ve written to me or commented recently, don’t stress; I’ll be doing a mailbag dump soon.

Among the many role-playing-related things I saw at Disney was an actress dressed as the most realistic dryad imaginable.  Naturally I didn’t think to get a picture for the blog until hours later (when it was too late), because I am lame.

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