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If chimeras aren’t bizarre enough for your liking, the bull-horned, serpent-tailed, bear-bodied thrasfyr should be right up your alley.  Former beautiful fey warped into war machines by the eldest of the fey powers, these creatures are guardians and weapons left over from a previous age.  Perhaps because of their crimes, bondage and punishment are integral to the thrasfyrs’ nature—each one calls one other creature master, while everyone else is a target for the thrasfyr’s entangling chains.

Bear-baiting is a sport—if the barbaric practice can be called a “sport”—for men.  Elysian and fomorian titans hunger for more mighty entertainments, goading captive thrasfyrs into fighting other exotic beasts…and unwanted guests.

There is only one thrasfyr—the Thrasfyr—in the Forgotten Wood.  The slumbering beast was a servant of the Autumn Lord before that fey being’s ascension into godhood.  Now the King in Orange lives on another plane entirely and has a guardian dragon to protect his vaults.  But those seeking secrets from his faerie past would do well to slay the Thrasfyr and bathe in its blood, then listen anew to the language of the Forgotten Woods’ birds.

Every Tane sighting is worthy of note, and as thrasfyrs are comparatively common compared to other Tane, their comings and goings are well catalogued.  In the Marigold Promenade, a thrasfyr calls an erlking its master.  The cold riders of Icegeist have never forgiven a great white-furred thrasfyr for killing their ard rí (high king).  The most mysterious thrasfyr is the one found in the checkerboard realm of Ludo, where it dances under the full moon with a jubjub bird to the music of a band of korreds.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 263

Actual conversation with artisticlicensetokill:

“So what’s up with Bondage Bear?”
“It’s a thrasfyr.  One of the Tane.  It is mighty.”
“It’s wearing a vest and is covered in chains.  It’s Bondage Bear.”
“No, see, the chains are for entangling enemies and it can bond to another being it calls its master and its shape is a punishmentohmygodit’sBondageBear.”
“The vest gave it away.”
“Under ‘Languages’ it should say ‘Provincetown.’”

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