Monday, January 30, 2012

Faerie Dragon

Part dragon.  Part faerie.  All adorable prankster, raised to the power of twee.

Swallowbright is on the run from a quickling who has sworn to have his butterfly wings for a cravat.  He begs aid from any good-hearted adventurers he comes across. Despite the very real danger he is in, he won’t be able to help playing practical jokes on any notably devout allies—clerics and paladins especially.

Remy is a catfolk thief, living among the city rooftops.  Lemuel is a faerie dragon who insists that he is Remy’s familiar, otherwise what would he be doing in such a filthy city?  This is patently impossible—Remy may have nine lives, but not a magical bone in her body.  Nevertheless, she is glad to have Lemuel around, as together they pull off ever more daring heists.

Most faerie dragons are benign tricksters.  Daggerflit is not.  When a local duke was prophesized to die at the hands of one of the Fair Folk, the lord sent hunters aided by magic after every fey in the forest.  Every dryad’s tree was chopped down, every grig’s legs plucked, every satyr’s hide flayed.  Only Daggerflit survived (his draconic nature shielded him from the hunters’ divinations), and he has turned cold and savage in his despair.  Now he seeks to kill any human who enters his forest, employing deadfalls, pit traps, magic missiles, and his power of greater invisibility to lethal effect.  His efforts have attracted a gang of atomies who are just as bloodthirsty, if less effective.

Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary 9 & Bestiary 3 91

My first encounter with the faerie dragon was in the very first “issue” of Dragon Magazine I ever bought: The Best of “Dragon Magazine” Vol. III.   Maybe it was the same for you?

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