Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elephant & Mastodon

AKA the oliphaunt.  Or the mûmak, if you want to be really awesome about it.

The green dragon Sistarkyl “farms” mastodons by digging water holes to alter their migration routes toward her territory.  She also scores the young with her claws so she can pick out any of “hers” that end up further afield in the wild…or in human hands (for which she of course enacts retribution).

Beneath their shaggy fur, the great woolly mammoths of the North have the wise faces of all elephants.  They may actually even be wise.  Frostbitten scouts tell of the beasts engaging in strange, silent dances with the region’s polar bears. 

Every society hates gremlins, but nowhere more so than the nation of Goresh.  Goreshi use elephants to harvest and haul teak, and pugwampis are fond of goading the elephants until they rampage madly—often right through town.  Logging companies are beginning to pay well for mahouts and guards who can control the beasts, and a hunter can live for a season on the price for a gremlin ear.

Pathfinder Bestiary 128

I wonder if Sirwat Province lies in Goresh.  Maybe? 

Also, I hope you did your part to protest SOPA and PIPA today.

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