Monday, January 23, 2012


Kytons, as explored in the Bestiary 3, have the potential to be really interesting.  Feeding on fear and suffering.  Seeking transformation and transcendence through sadomasochism. Creatures of Hell who have embraced the Plane of Shadow.  Living in cities made from the very bodies of their victims.  That’s a lot of material to work with.  Speaking of which, no one knows how to incorporate good material like an eremite…

A planewalking wizard spends half a year in the Plane of Shadow among the d’ziriaks.  This year he arrives to his adopted city to find the inhabitants slaughtered and enslaved, their luminescent bodies used to create a glowing, domed city devoted to an eremite overlord dedicated to ritual inscriptions through scarification and tattoos.

A significant soul has gone missing from the Resplendent Queue that climbs toward Heaven.  A devil claims it is due him from a past bargain.  An astral diva refutes this, but refuses to cite what his scrolls say.  A daemon offers payment in adamantine for it, as do several night hags.  All the while, the true thief, an eremite, is wearing the soul as a cloak in preparation for stitching it to his body.

While in his realm a certain pit fiend can only be killed by the laughter of his bone keep’s original owner.  This is a problem, as the eremite who built the keep just removed his own mouth in his never-ending journey of physical and spiritual transformation.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 172–173

One of the problems with Paizo’s shrinking of the GreatWheel cosmology is there are not enough places to put all the neat new beasts like divs and demodands and titans.  But the Plane of Shadow does nicely enough, especially for devils that aren’t really devils.

Also, kytons are practically begging for feats from Monte Cook’s 3.0 Book of Vile Darkness.

By the way, happy Chinese Year of the Earth Dragon!  So would that be a blue, copper, crystal, or forest dragon?  Or maybe this one?

In the meantime, I’m totally losing my shizz to this.

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