Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elysian Titan

Elysian titans are like Marvel’s Asgardians—gods or near-gods of a fallen age, who still wield unimaginable power, but don’t quite relate in and to the modern world.  So they can be inspirational figures and even allies of plane-hopping PCs…but they also have the power (thanks to mass suggestion and bestow curse) to sweep mortals up into conflicts beyond their understanding or ability to cope.

An Elysian titan prophet longs for the glory days of the titans, and in his adventuring he heeds the call of the voices that exist in the seams between the planes and in the dark of space.  Now his spellcasting grows more powerful even as his control grows more erratic—unexpected overwhelming presence and cursed earth effects (Ultimate Magic 215 & 230–231) being two such symptoms—and he begins to rally mortals and celestials alike to a worlds-spanning crusade whose aims are unclear.

Adventurers find themselves on the wrong side of an Elysian titan after their ally, a haughty mystic theurge, offends him.  Demanding satisfaction, he insists upon a duel and nominates them as the theurge’s second, third, fourth and fifth.  After all, he is nothing if not fair.

Perhaps the most rollicking bar in the multiverse is the Swinging Leviathan, run by an Elysian titan, Friyelda.  Accessible only by flight or a rainbow bridge, the bar—carved into the rotting hulk of Brobdingnagian air whale—hangs by titan-forged chains from an outcropping over a void that leads to Limbo…or possibly nothingness.  Friyelda arm-wrestling patrons for a chance at free drinks is what causes the Leviathan to sway.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 266

Careful Table of Contents readers (is there any other kind?) will recognize that we’re skipping the Bestiary 3’s elk, since by our established format it will show up with the antelope when we swing back around to the “A”s.

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