Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We’ve covered the basilisk; on to the cockatrice!  The cockatrice’s lower CR and slow petrification make it a nice challenge for low-level parties…a foreshadowing of monsters with more lethal special abilities.

A pair of cockatrices and a basilisk duel for territory.  Monsieur Dafoe the alchemist needs the blood from one for his reagents.  The real prize would be the cockatrices’ eggs, provided their nest could be found before the local dire badgers raid it.

A harpy witch, prone to hallucinations and devoted to a plague patron, has raised a cockatrice chick as if it were her own child.  In actuality, the chick now serves as her familiar.  The harpy loathes flightless humanoids, despite often being half-stone and too heavy to fly herself due to nips from the chick’s beak.

The cockfights of the Hidden City are among the strangest one will ever witness.  Held in dockyard warehouses by half-orc attendants, the fights feature cockatrice roosters dueling for the pleasure of bloodthirsty, largely half-breed crowds—especially undines and tritons, who are just mad for the sport.

Pathfinder Bestiary 48

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