Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Pregnancy is a miracle…until the first time someone shows you Alien.  The fact that those unholy creatures can inject—no, impregnate—PCs with a semi-sentient poison—that horribly scars even on a save(!)—should be suitably alarming for even the most hardened parties.

Worship of the goddess of fertility has been subverted by a mad priest who lost his own wife in childbirth.  He has given hope to dozens of infertile women before secretly turning him over to his qlippoth mistress, who fills them only with pain.

Chernobues’ ability to plane shift can place them in the most unlikely places. The loathsome chernobue that answers to “the Bountiful Spasm” has dined on or impregnated most of the guests in a djinni’s palace.  Judicious use of its spell-like abilities allowed the Bountiful Spasm to pick them off one by one before the victims could take flight.

The layer of the Abyss known as Life’s Insistence is a place of fecundity gone wrong.  The trees hang heavy with rotting fruit, parasites swim in viscous water, strange animals give birth at random, and even the smallest insect bites become swollen boils.  Small colonies of doomed souls and even mortals live there, kept alive by the layer’s regenerating aura.  The mortals bear the horrific scars of surviving repeated chernobue poisonings, but the layer will not let them rest in peace.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 220

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