Monday, October 3, 2011


The oceans are full of evil—aboleths, devilfish, krakens, and so on.  Cetaceals are rare otherworldly agents for good in the depths.

Named for his orca-like form, the Killer Priest is a cetaceal known for performing the laying on of hands to villagers who are generous to strangers and birds.

Beluga-bodied Armeen seeks word of her daughter.  An aasimar of pale white elven aspect, whose connection to the agathion has made her an outstanding summoner, the young woman is adventuring deep in the mountains of Butal where Armeen cannot easily follow.

Provosi is the solitary southern guardian of the ice-rimmed White Ocean.  She also lacks many allies, the waters being too cold for most traditionally good aquatic races—but not for her grindylow nemeses or the shoggoths who lurk near many of the deep volcanic vents.  She’s taken to liberally awakening great blue and sperm whales to act as her deputies.  But she can only monitor a few pods at a time, and many of her newly conscious charges have taken to eliminating the whaling trade instead.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 43

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