Friday, October 14, 2011


Many GMs may be reluctant to introduce chupacabras into their games.  Only “discovered” in 1995, they still have the feel of an early Internet sensation about them, rather than as bona fide cryptids.  Still, having more lizards to throw at your PCs is never a bad thing, especially lizards that deliver nasty Constitution damage.

In the rocky, cactus-strewn lands of Santa Lagarto, mongrelmen toil in the haciendas of lizardfolk and desert dwarf overseers.  One reason for their submission is the gangs of chupacabras that haunt the nearby badlands—the mongrelmen fear a blood-drained death in the wild more than their masters.

A dryad begs for help.  A chupacabra has demolished the flock of her on-again, off-again satyr lover, and now she fears for his safety.

Soucou Yotz, a demonic bat lord, is by and large a lethargic power, but still a jealous one.  Locals of the archipelago he claims as his own typically worship other gods, but still leave him a small blood sacrifice on the night of new moon.  As long as this nominal offering—usually a chicken—is made, he is satisfied.  But those who are remiss suffer plagues of bat swarms, mobats, and winged chupacabras, his especial pets.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 57

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