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There are people and creatures that are chaotic neutral because they are free spirits, driven by whims, resent strictures and traditions, or simply have a childlike innocence when it comes to notions of ethics and morality.

And then there are creatures who are chaotic neutral because the little bastards just haven’t decided to bite you yet.

Nycars are Tiny kin to linnorms, though thankfully without their magic.  They are selfish hoarders, wasteful hunters, and generally disagreeable.  They are also hard to spot, hard to catch (note that Elusive (Ex) special quality), and have a poison bite.  Thankfully, they live far from civilization, so none of the above should be an issue.

…Unless a spellcaster binds one as a familiar and brings it to town.  In which case, watch out for the safety of your own familiar and any shiny jewelry you might be carrying.  (And naturally the spellcaster who binds this miniature linnorm is likely to be just as frustrating and quarrelsome as his pet.)

Tormented by highland raiders, inhabitants of a quiet thorp decide to move back to the crannog where their grandparents once lived (before more prosperous times allowed them to move off the lake to greener pastures).  There is a complication, however: a nycar has moved into the abandoned lake fort and claimed it as his own.  If he can’t scare off the settlers immediately with a brazen hissing display, he slinks away to wait and pick them off one by one with his poison bite.

A nycar stowed away in a longboat destined for the lands of the People of the Raven.  Finding itself on a strange island with no natural predators, the nycar has feasted well and stolen many interesting objects, including several ceremonial rattles and a string of amethyst-colored wampum.  The Northman traders will be blamed and trade cut off if the People of the Raven are not mollified.

Several spellcasters are known to have nycar familiars in the Twisted Loch region.  Arcane trickster Marigold Tashem bound a roly-poly nycar she befriended and made grand plans for rehabilitating him, but in truth his lust for treasure and corner-cutting have only reinforced her own.  A wheelchair-bound kobold sorcerer uses a nycar to defend his status in the tribe, insisting they share the blood of linnorms.  A wizard in the employ of Northman crime lord Sørgun Half-Troll uses a nycar familiar to aid his boss’s interrogations—acid being far more useful than beatings in coercing honor-bound vikings into forsaking their oaths.

Pathfinder Bestiary 4 207

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