Thursday, June 4, 2015


Myrmidons are essentially the drones of the robot hierarchy (and given their vaguely insect-like appearance, yes, that pun is intentional), aerial hunters intent on lashing and lasering earthbound foes into submission.  Like annihilators, myrmidons give off that vibe you find in all those scenes from the Terminator movies set in the future, with an added dollop of death from above.  They can fly at 90 feet per round without busting a gasket, stop on a dime and hover, see invisible creatures, disrupt force fields, and of course launch rockets.  Most frightening of all is that they seem to take orders from no one but themselves and their robotic superiors—on Golarion, at least, even the most technically adept humans can’t bring them to heel.  How they behave in your game world is up to you, but in general myrmidons should be objects of fear even to their allies…assuming the myrmidons allow any such organic creatures to exist.

An elven swanship has been shot out of the sky—horribly burned by a line of fire cast with mathematical precision.  The magistra wants answers.  She sends adventurers to investigate, but is particularly insistent that they report their findings to no one but her…almost as if she already knows what they will uncover…

Reddawn is closed to all visitors—on pain of destruction and disassembly.  So some spacefaring adventurers’ plan to infiltrate the Machine Moon by crash-landing is actually not a bad idea…assuming they can provide enough destruction to satisfy the Reddawn probes.  Now all they have to do is cross some 140 miles of desert without drawing the attention of any myrmidon patrols or the native death worms.  How hard could it be?

A machine cyst is slowly incorporating the town of Boggard Gulch.  After adventurers deal it several blows and cripple one of its gearsman assembly lines, the cyst retaliates by incorporating a clutch of wyverns, a locust swarm, and a manticore into its manufacturing bible.  The result is a new robot design: a flight of myrmidons that begin specifically hunting for the troublesome adventurers.

Inner Sea Bestiary 45

Like all the ISB robots, the myrmidon is a Russ Taylor creation.  Also, as usual look to the Iron Gods issues of Pathfinder Adventure Path for more on myrmidons and ways to customize them and other robots.

And with this entry we close the book on the Inner Sea Bestiary.  That’s right—another book down! 

Hold on, you say?  Where are the annihilator; charnel colossus; Chemnosit, the Monarch Worm; and marrowstone golem?  Rest assured, those entries are written.  As soon as I’m not on rickety cruise ship Internet (clarification: “rickety” refers to the Internet access; the cruise ship is just fine—I saw sea otters today!) I’ll get those posted and give you the heads-up.