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The suli race (also known as suli-jann) is one of the hidden gems of the Bestiary 3—native outsiders who look human but have the blood of jann and genies in their veins. 

A race that can call on any one of the elemental powers (acid, cold, electricity, or fire) is cool in and of itself.  But it gets better—sulis are available as a PC race.  If you’ve got that one guy in the room who always wants to start with a secret no one else knows, or you need something snazzy to give to that player who complains anytime she can’t be a drow, this is the race for you.  Or maybe you need a good story hook—the thing that prompts a character to take up adventuring?  The Bestiary 3 has the answer for you: “[S]ome suli-jann remain unaware of their genie heritage until later in life, when contact with a full-blooded genie draws forth a portion of their elemental power.”

They’re also awesome because—longtime readers know this is a thing of mine—they work for almost any style of campaign.  If you’ve got a cosmopolitan urban campaign where almost any being might be found walking the streets, well, it makes sense that genie-blooded descendants would beget sulis.  In a more mythic/folkloric campaign, sulis might be the fabled denizens of a far-off land, all of whom can point to the genies in their family trees.  In a low-fantasy campaign, suli-jann would be strange, wondrous, and terrifying.  (Think of how natives of Westeros react to even a little magic on Game of Thrones.)  Whereas in a planar campaign, sulis are convenient run-of-the-mill low-level encounters—readymade enemies or allies for parties who aren’t ready to tackle genies, proteans, and inevitables yet.

The other theme to play up with sulis is versatility.  A race that can wield all four elements is going to be used to multitasking.  The Advanced Race Guide (a must for anyone who wants to explore suli-jann further, with alternate racial traits and extra feats) supports this, offering favored class options for the magus, monk, and ranger—in other words, the Swiss Army knife classes.  Role-playinging a suli means RPing someone who always has another trick up her sleeve—if not today, then certainly by tomorrow when her elemental assault recharges.

A bruised and battered adventuring party leaves the dungeon only to be set upon by goblins.  They are saved at the last minute when their muleskinner unleashes elemental fire on the greenskins.  Their henchman is no ordinary man, but a suli in exile.  Using his powers draws the attention of dark forces, however—every time he calls upon them, zombie attacks are soon to follow.

Career criminal Yves Saint-Saëns has escaped from every jail in which he’s been confined—even those ensorcelled with dispel fields.  His secret is that he has janni blood, and acid, fire, and cold are all extremely useful in cell-cracking.

Suli cities reflect the variable natures of their inhabitants.  The City of Palms, accustomed to jann and genie visitors, prizes politeness and etiquette.  In Myrta suli are the elites, lording over the oread commoners, but who in turn must obey their jann and efreet lieges.  Naxos is a city of bravos, quick to duel with blades, elemental assaults, and energy strikes (see the Advanced Race Guide) at the slightest provocation.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 258

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