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Succubi are demons who at first glance seem to behave more like devils, what with their emphasis on seduction and manipulation.  I always have to remind myself, though, that these are lust demons.  They are about inflaming urgent, burning passions, not offering long-held heart’s desires.  Also, most don’t have the patience for the long con the way devils do.  As James Jacobs notes in Lords of Chaos, they work best as spies and assassins—what havoc a devil-corrupted vizier can achieve over years of plotting can be overshadowed in an evening by the right demon-besotted guardsman.  

(Don’t overdo them, however. If every barmaid who gets more than a few lines of dialogue ends up trying to energy drain them, your players will get wise pretty fast.)

Lilifiev is a succubus who eagerly answers the call of a conjuror—she finds the spoils of the mortal world (particularly virgin blood) worth the indignity.  If she cannot accomplish her assigned task alone, she has a number of allies who will fly to her side in a second, including several yeth hounds and a redcap who shares her bed and her hatred of cold iron.

The succubus Black Cuckoo has spent years in her guise as Chief Justice Greystoke’s personal confessor, pushing him to sterner judgments, higher heights of righteous fury, and more debasing acts of self-mortification.  Her only recesses from the severe discipline it requires to maintain this disguise are her periodic murder sprees in the stews of the Robber Narrows.  Recently her appetites have gotten out of hand, and now the whole city hunts for the serial killer whose trail leads to the Hall of Justice grounds.

The Sirens’ Krewe visits settlements throughout the Mohrg Delta during carnival season, offering the most rare and exotic stimulants and sensations—typically of a narcotic or libidinous nature.  Their route culminates at the city of Redriver, where the Krewe’s barge is dredged up on shore to become a dretch-pulled carnival float.  Despite parading openly as succubi, the Sirens never lack for supplicants and followers—the pleasures and profane boons they offer apparently being worth the risk of energy draining and worse that their company entails.

Pathfinder Bestiary 68

My goal is always to try to meet or even outdo Paizo’s idea-crafters.  But that’s pretty hard with succubi, because Golarion features—are you ready for this?—moon succubi.  For those of you who haven’t read Distant Worlds or The Moonscar, the tl;dr version is that there’s an Abyssal forest on the moon, full of shantak-riding succubi.  It’s like Iron Sky with demons—awesome.

It’s also hard to find an Adventure Path that doesn’t feature at least one succubus.  I haven’t cracked the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path yet, but I am enjoying The Worldwound sourcebook, which I’m partway through and finding just packed with demons.

Major apologies for the lateness of this post.  But at least it's up!

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