Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stone Golem

If clay golems are the saviors of priests, stone golems are the servants of priest-kings and templars.  If flesh golems are stitched together by wizards, stone golems are sculpted by archmages, mage-killers, and thief-takers.  When your party approaches every statue with the caution of a bomb disposal squad, you know you’ve used stone golems well.

Carmine Nassarene wants to loot the vault of the wizard Chiron the Black.  He claims to have the tin flute to quiet the belkers, the heron flag to offer the commander of the shrunken ship in a bottle, and the wand of flesh to stone to bypass the stone golem’s magic resistance.  That he does…but the wand has only two charges left.

The stone giants of Mount Harpy have a particularly hardy ally: a stone golem shield guardian whose control amulet they lifted from a slain baron.  The stone giants disguise the golem within their ranks under clothing and war paint, and use it to beat meddling mages to a pulp.

As an upstart conqueror from across the Sable Sea, Pharaoh Quintus has no illusions about the loyalty of his khopesh-wielding subjects.  He supplements his handpicked guards with two stone golems carved to look like falcon-headed hieracosphinxes.  Rather than walking, they trundle around on stone wheels, slamming into intruders.

Pathfinder Bestiary 163

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