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Once your PCs get to a certain level, pegasi just aren’t going to cut it as mounts, and griffons and dragons get expensive to feed.  Better get yourself a sleipnir.  Of course, when your rainbow-spewing, eight-legged horse’s many-greats-grandsire was a mount for the Allfather, you have to imagine that taming it will be an adventure in itself…and your enemies may have the very same idea…

The fog-shrouded peaks of the Ten Alps are treacherous—and made even more so by the area’s many sleipnirs.  The eight-legged horses prance about in the fog as if it were solid ground, leading the unwary to plunge over cliffs.

The sleipnirs of Världsliggard are not sentimental pegasi or unicorns to be wooed with maidenheads and noble deeds.  They respect shows of might that reflect the sky gods their ancestors served.  Would-be riders should be able to call lightning from the sky, wield the powers of storm or war (particularly from the appropriate subdomains or mysteries; see the Advanced Player’s Guide), or present a magical spear of near-artifact-level (+3 or greater) power.

A rare white sleipnir foal has been born, and an interplanar auction is being held to arrange the “sale” of the creature.  In reality, the arrangement is less a sale than a display of tribute—potential riders make offers to the sleipnir’s sire, who approves or disapproves the bids via the sylph intermediary managing the whole affair.  In the running so far are a grey elf noble, a gelugon, a nephilim, a norn-blooded (half-fey) sasquatch, a tengu roughrider (see the Advanced Player’s Guide), and a free soulbound doll.  Only the tengu is above using underhanded tactics or blackmail to secure the foal; he is also a raving lunatic.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 248

To all my student readers, welcome back to a new school year!

On a personal note, some of you may remember me reblogging this gentleman’s photo.  He was a D.C. icon and a truly great person.  If you have a moment, keep his friends and family in your thoughts.

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