Thursday, September 5, 2013

Slithering Tracker

Everything you need to know about the slithering tracker can be found in one stat:

Int 11.

Oozes are not, by and large, supposed to be smart.  In fact, just this week the mere *potential* for smartness became a major part of our entry on slime molds.  So slithering trackers truly stand (or slurp) apart from other oozes.  Having an Intelligence score opens them up to certain vulnerabilities (they can be charmed, for instance), but the benefits of possessing brains (or at least neural pathways of some sort) far outweigh the negatives.  Slithering trackers plan.  Slithering trackers hunt.  Slithering trackers put their transparency and paralysis to best effect.  And slithering trackers understand Undercommon, so they know where your guide is taking you even before you do.

A slithering tracker hides in a cavern system wet from the dripping of hundreds of stalactites.  It keeps to the pools in the shadows so it is especially hard to spot.  However, it is not the only paralyzing menace in the caverns.  Some lacedons have moved in and made it hard for the slithering tracker to get enough to eat.  It may not attack parties it suspects could take care of its aquatic ghoul problem.

A party’s dhampir guide seems to be having trouble controlling his temper…and perhaps even his bloodlust.  When the party’s litter-bearer is found dead and desiccated, suspicious falls on him—is he a dhampir or really a full vampire after all?—rather than the real cause: a slithering tracker.

The minor noble house of Zat’vitan is rising to prominence carefully but quickly in the drow city of Shadowsaar.  Their secret is the slithering tracker assassins in their employ.  These oozes can slurp their way into houses otherwise warded against more typical drow guardians such as outsiders, undead, and the like.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 250

Catching up on my comments.  Apparently Fortooate was pleased with the skum entry:

Lovecraftian Pathfinder Alternate History Civil War...

Would a hug be inappropriate?

No, not at all.  Hug away.

Also, I’m always psyched when someone uses this blog as a springboard for his or her own ideas. And I’m especially gratified when they give this blog a shout-out.  So thanks (and how ’bout a link?), dailycharacteroption!  Everyone looking for “Archetypes, Feats, and other stuff in your Pathfinder Game world”—you now know where to go.

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  1. Contrary to your opening line a couple of entries ago, I am never not excited about oozes! (Oh, and /hug)