Friday, August 30, 2013

Sky Dragon

Okay…you know we’re both thinking it.  So let’s just get it out of the way, shall we?

Anyway, sky dragons are the preëminent aerial dragons—they may never even touch the ground in their lifetimes—and this fact, along with their lawful good natures and celestial emissary ability, means they practically blur the line between mortal and celestial creatures.  Most adventurers who encounter sky dragons will hopefully be on the receiving end of their beneficence—the hero who befriends a sky dragon gains an ally who can turn him into a near-celestial and blast his enemies out of the sky—but if you want to use sky dragons in a more adversarial role, the adventure seeds below should be a good start.

PS: One imagines that sky dragons’ battles with the evil underworld dragons are legendary.

Also, despite being dragons, these guys are apparently born aloft.  One wonders if they’re ovoviviparous or if Mom just a really secure grip…

The Khan is coming, bringing a horde of several tens of thousands to smash the Wall of Destiny.  But his mount is a sky dragon escorted by three kirin…in which case, his intentions must presumably be noble…which puts adventurers charged with preserving the Wall and protecting the emperor in a tight spot.

The aerial might of Zenoa must never be threatened.  So ingrained is this policy that Zenoans declare war on any other nation that develops air power, regardless of intent or alignment.  Even sky dragons are not immune, for though they represent no nation, their grounding breath is considered a profound threat to the Zenoan Storm Griffons.  The Zenoans will marshal rangers, dragonslayers, and irregulars of all kinds to form hunting parties the moment a sky dragon is sighted.

No collector has ever obtained a sky dragon egg.  But the ifrit shogun of the Wyvern Clan insists that he will possess one before he dies, and he offers titles and land in the once-secret Valley of Opals for in return for such a prize, with no questions asked beyond verification of the egg’s provenance.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 98–99

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  If you’re looking for the skunk, he’s hiding out with the giant skunk.

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