Monday, August 5, 2013

Shield Archon

Unless your PCs really like assaulting heavenly strongholds, they are far more likely to encounter shield archons as allies than as adversaries.  And as allies, they are a tactically minded player’s dream.  Constant magic circle against evil and all the usual archon abilities (don’t forget aura of menace and all those immunities) make a shield archon great for creating bottlenecks; the transpose ally ability can save vulnerable PCs (like squishy mages or slow-moving Small types) at a crucial moment or enable excellent ambushes (sneak attack, anyone?); and they offer a menu of buffs to choose from.

That said, if one does irk a shield archon, they will face implacable foes who just happen to be almost impossible to disarm…

Adventurers investigate a recently unearthed tomb, only to discover relic hunters from the High Church have beaten them there.  Expecting attacks from demons, the relic hunters have summoned a shield archon to watch their backs, but he is happy to serve his faith guarding against mortal intruders as well.

Tired of always being on the back foot, a squad of shield archons goes rogue, searching for evildoers to bring the fight to.  Unfortunately, this dereliction of duty also begins to sap their celestial senses.  When they encounter adventurers whose weapons stink of evil (courtesy of being recently wielded by foul yai), they rashly attack.

In a desperate move, the bard Cantilus was able to hijack a rite and summon a shield archon in place of a devil, saving his friends and the city of Loneforge.  Unfortunately, he didn’t expect the shield archon to hold him to his side of the bargain.  Now the archon expects three years of service (see Chronicle of the Righteous) from the oath-breaking minstrel, who is currently hiding out in a magically warded brothel with time, his coin purse, and the madam’s patience running out.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 31

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