Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Nobody likes an escort mission.  I’m pretty sure I never finished the Human track for  Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (on my baby brother’s blueberry iMac!) because of an escort mission I couldn’t crack.  (Clearly I am not much of a video gamer.  I beat it on Orc, though.) 

But if your gaming table is going to the Abyss, why not bring a sage along?  Just so you can hear him say things like, “Well, primarily nyogoths eat the, ahem, filth of other qlippoths and demons…but this one seems to have resorted to self-cannibalism.  Look, see how it has gnawed off a tentacle in frustration…and is now nursing on its own digestive...well, juices, I suppose one would say…”

Yeah, that’d be worth it.  Ideally someone at the table will be eating spaghetti, too.

Sometimes you just need a monster that’s all mouth, tentacles, and (to quote the Bestiary 2) “buoyant intestine.”  Thus, the nyogoth.  GMs, go gross on this one—that’s why this thing bloody well (ichory well?) exists.

Summoned when unlucky adventurers activated a sigil, a nyogoth has been trapped in a warded area of a sewer ever since.  The local otyughs (after learning the hard way not to approach too close) are in awe of the outsider and worship it as a god, bringing it offerings to consume.  They have devoured the nyogoth’s excreta in turn, and have mutated into Huge fiendish aberrations.

A quasit has tormented an adventuring party for weeks.  Leading them on a merry chase, it accidentally lures them into a layer of the Abyss known as Envy’s Appetite.  Suddenly the plainly terrified quasit proposes an alliance to seek an escape from this domain—for it is a qlippoth layer, and broods of ravenous nyogoths convulse through the air overhead.

The Pearl of Barnabus the Sane is located in one of the most maddening dungeons in existence: the innards of the dead god who swallowed the artifact.  But deities take a long time to die, and this god’s still-hungry intestines (use nyogoth stat block) will attempt to devour and digest any and all interlopers.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 224

Courtesy of the boys over at Shut Up & Sit Down and Kotaku, here’s another creature that exists only to eat…

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