Friday, February 22, 2013


Nuglubs are, in the parlance of our age, messed the hell up.  They have three eyes.  They wear their hair as a cloak.  They are obsessed with sharpening their claws.  They have “kneecapper” as a special ability.  When they argue, the loser gets cannibalized.  These are not CR 1/2 pugwampis.  These guys are The Dark Crystal crossed with Freddy Krueger.

If I wanted fey for a weird fantasy campaign, or if I wanted to create a Pan’s Labyrinth version of Faerie, nuglubs would be my first choice.  They are evocative, strange, and look like practically nothing else in the Bestiaries.  And while they’re only CR 2, I bet you can make your PCs feel like they’re a lot worse.

An infestation of vexgits captures an adventuring party who stumbles into their warehouse.  The good news is the gremlins don’t kill them right away.  The bad news is the vexgits leave them in a metal box as a present for a heat metal and shocking grasp-casting nuglub maniac they call Uncle Blade.

Adventurers stop for the night in an inn.  Midway through the evening, the atmosphere turns dangerous when a dhampir enters.  He does not have enough money to rent a room, but no one wants to let him have a sleeping pallet in the common area  Soon both the locals and a visiting band of mercenaries begin fingering their blades.  And that’s when a mob of nuglubs decides to set off the booby traps they’ve spent a fortnight preparing around the inn.

The Moon Torque is a magical necklace sacred to the fey of the Myrwood.  Once a year at the Spring Equinox ownership of the artifact passes from one tribe to the next.  Two tribes of pixies, a band of atomies, and a troupe of sprites share the honor ever year.  This year there will be no exchange, however—nuglubs have stolen the Moon Torque.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 143

I’m in Farmersville, IL!  That is actually the name of the town.  …It is accurate.

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