Friday, February 15, 2013


Nixies are a deal—two monsters in one: the relatively harmless freshwater model and the more problematic bog nixie.

Since they’re CR 1 and neutral, nixies are a good lesson for new PCs (and players) that not everything has to be stabbed, and that not everyone who opposes them is necessarily evil.  Some folks, especially fey, just don’t like being disturbed; others are happy to use adventurers for their own ends but don’t necessarily wish them ill.

Though they’re reclusive by nature, nixies not as out of touch as some sylvan fey—one presumes a familiarity with man’s boats, waterwheels, and locks has caused them to adopt the crossbow as a weapon.  Like most fey they hate cold iron, preferring bronze (despite the patina it inevitably gets in water) or forged steel.

Bog nixies are more likely to have slaves and victims than servants.  And they don’t lack for them either—as the entry notes, their minor wish ability gives foolhardy commoners (and adventurers) plenty of reasons to seek them out, and their change shape ability helps them hide their true natures.  GMs should remember not to confine themselves to the wizard spell list, either.  The average bog nixie client probably has little need for a fireball, but effects that cure, curse, detect or neutralize an ill effect, or cause plants to grow is exactly the sort of service a needy farmer or fisherman would seek out.

The fletcher of Dirk Hill is still infatuated with a nixie who once charmed him—it is he who clears the weeds from her spring and keeps her crossbows in immaculate repair.  But he is jealous of anyone else who benefits from her attentions, and any adventurer who shows signs of being charmed or able to breathe water may get an arrow in the back.

The nixie town of Lake Feela tries to hide utterly hide its presence.  The one threat to this is the annual gar-fishing tournament, which threatens the nixies’ beloved pets.  The fey try to snarl lines, drive fisherman astray, and otherwise be an inconvenience without revealing their presence.

A crime wave hits the sleepy town of Hunter’s Mill.  Robberies, burglaries, even blackmail and embezzlement have been uncovered.  A farmer languishing in the town jail fesses up: the cobbler’s son came back from Stark’s Bog with a broken arm and tales of a green-haired woman who granted his wish to fly (for a little while).  Everyone laughed at the boy, but the farmer sought the woman out, and she promised to cure his sick cow for 50 gold pieces.  Apparently his neighbors got similar offers—though the farmer was caught try to steal the necessary gold, others must not have been so unlucky.

Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary 15 & Bestiary 3 201

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